walk in the woods


I went for a walk in the woods today. I decided to check out the park near my new house. It was lovely – a heron flew overhead (too quickly for me to capture on camera); ducks played in the creek; further up beavers swam and ate the foliage. I took pictures of lots of flowers: high-bush cranberry, dogwood, anemone, rose, bedstraw, chickweed, violet, and more.

I enjoyed it while I was out walking. On the way back though, I began to feel less recharged, and more reminded of my life. I saw people walking together, people running, people with dogs. All things I want: companionship, healthy system, a dog. I thought I should start my yoga practice again like I have intended. The road to hell….It seems I’m damned if I do, damned if I don’t – I feel isolated and hermit like if I stay at home. I feel sad and lonely if I go out where there are people. I’ve got to find a way around this block.

I finished reading the Hallowed Hunt by Lois McMaster Bujold today. It was quite good, gripping in fact. At the end I felt it was a good Grail story. A wounded king, needing to be healed. And good people, god=touched, to help the healing.

More grail thought is necessary…..


Goat’s Beard


This is a Goat’s Beard with it’s seeds ready to fly away. It is an Aster, related to the dandelion of course. I found it in Lethbridge on June 30. I have since seen them all over Edmonton – it is considered a weed I think. But the seeds are beautiful!