Goat’s Beard


This is a Goat’s Beard with it’s seeds ready to fly away. It is an Aster, related to the dandelion of course. I found it in Lethbridge on June 30. I have since seen them all over Edmonton – it is considered a weed I think. But the seeds are beautiful!


Time keeps marching on


Two months have passed since last I wrote. Two months filled with carts, wedding prep, and craziness. Finally things are slowing down and there is more time for me.

I have been collecting plant photos in the hundreds. This has been fun, spending time with the wild/natural. I need to do it more!

I think it has also brought more magic in, as summertime tends to do. Organizing the ritual for CWAA was good, and got my spidey senses tingling. Then Rasa invited us to join a working group – the first meeting to discuss this will be on Friday. We may end up trying to work through the Swans again. Third time’s a charm!

Of course I’ve also been thinking of my books and home, and browsing too much online. I’ve ordered some more that might help me with a daily practice. I am also tempted to send away for the Ovate coursepacks. But that might be an irresponsible use of money….

I also weeded my paperback and DVD collections. I’m hoping to sell them to friends for cheap cheap. If not, I guess I’ll try to sell on Alibris, or give them to the bissell centre.

Perhaps there will be some profound thoughts next time! 🙂