thinking wholistically about Ecology & further thoughts on the Future


I have been visiting the ‘rents and attending my first ever scientific conference. The Alberta Soil Science Workshop has been interesting so far. My brain is full! Combined with a trip to the museum over the weekend, I have a lot to think about.

The museum had a display about wild Alberta. I really enjoyed this – many of the organisms we studied last semester were featured (so I could exclaim and say I know this!), and they had live fish aquariums as well. This reminded me of how much I enjoyed learning about animals when I was younger. Later thoughts also brought to mind my love of the outdoors and my desire to learn more ‘outdoorsy’ skills.

The first speaker at the conference, William Rees, spoke about our ecological footprint (he is originator of the eco-footprint analysis idea), and this got me all fired up about thinking wholistically. Our society, indeed our cultural mythology, thinks of nature/wilderness as infinite and always there. Or at least this is how business thinks. The average person recognizes that this is not so. I really would like to change that corporate culture. Further talks this morning strengthened this thought pattern – discussion on soil biodiversity, land use, and water use.

Primarily I think this experience has been helping me narrow down the direction I want to go in. What is my True Heart’s Desire? What do I want for the Future? Where do I want to go? And something that DC asked me when talking with him about the two streams has been percolating at the back of my mind. He asked if I wanted to look at reclamation/remediation from an ecological point of view (a whole, broad view), or do I want to concern myself with the finer details (minutiae). And I find myself leaning strongly towards the whole, ecological point of view. This makes much more sense when including my personal world view that everything is connected and we cannot separate ourselves from nature. We are part of nature, not humans above nature. We might be the most successful predator, but we are also the most successful parasite. I think this means I will be changing my mind.

In order to fully informed, I think I also need to look at what the U has to offer. I expect to take RR and come back to take a third year for En’tal. But I am not certain I’ll have the money to make this work. We shall see. But it will also be worthwhile to investigate what I could do at the U with my previous education. An after degree in botany, ecology, reclamation, that sort of thing. A perpetual student. Who needs to win the lotto if that’s what her career path will be.