Solar Questions for Imbolc – Caitlin Matthews


Solar Questions For Imbolc

  1. What is being initiated in your life at this time?
  2. How do you practice ecological awareness?
  3. What knowledge are you seeking?
  4. What news do you wait to hear? What changes will it bring?
  5. Is your envy of others obstructing your own achievements?
  6. What messages are others trying to tell you?
  7. Where is love manifest in your life?
  8. What boundaries do you need to pass through?
  9. What you ahve been struggling with and how does it challenge you?
  10. How is beauty seeking to express itself in your life?
  11. Is complacency clogging up your life?
  12. What do you most need and what help is at hand?
  13. What significant patterns are emerging from the last year of your life?
  14. What enslaves you and how can you be free?
  15. Who are you trying to control?
  16. What experiences of life do you most crave?
  17. What message is your body trying to tell you?
  18. What do you need to let go of and how is it impeding you?
  19. What new concepts are coming into your understanding? How do they affect your present understanding?
  20. Is your criticism undermining someone or something?
  21. What needs clarification and what motivations underlie it?
  22. In what areas do you need to rest and recover?
  23. What memories do you most appreciate?
  24. What mutual burdens can you lift from others’ backs?
  25. What are your dreams telling you?
  26. How does your present way of life need to change?
  27. What new influences are trying to come into your life?
  28. Where is the Spring in your life?
  29. Which of your abilities are you neglecting?
  30. Are you allowing spontaneity into your life?
  31. What needs to be restored?