Journal Prompts

This will be a page to compile questions that prompt self-exploration, or exercises from books for journaling. – a question a day to get you writing

No longer active. Try The Daily Post

– If you wrote a book that reflects your life what title would you give it? Is your heroine young & innocent? tentatively making her way through life? facing its dangers? Does your story revolve around a key relationship? Do you resonate with the story of a self-sufficient woman, wise in the ways of the world? (replace pronouns as needed)

So I want to do some writing. I thought I’d put all my prompts and what not on one page for now. Other resources include and a book I have called Fruitflesh. More books may be listed.



deep ecology

holy – definition?


the grail – whom does it serve? the wasteland, the stuff from Jean Shiboda’s book, etc

sibyls, oracles, prophetesses, seers

cultural appropriation

pagan prompts blog

No longer active. Facebook?

Random browsing has revealed a spiritual definition meme that i could see myself writing about. Perhaps annually as a touch stone for change/status. :) I may or may not have updates to follow :)



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