putting it all on credit?


I was daydreaming on Thursday night, when I was supposed to be studying for my last midterm. I went through the DreamWeaving website, and felt a profound desire to attend this witchcamp. What could be more timely right now than attending a witchcamp whose theme is “Priestessing the Earth”? I am going to school for a similar yet secular theme. What a perfect opportunity to integrate my academia and my spirituality!

Of course, this is all wishful thinking on my part. I am a student, up to her slender neck in debt already. How can I even be thinking about such an expensive holiday? when I don’t even have a summer job lined up yet?

Because I have a great credit card! 🙂

But as my mother’s voice sounds in my head, you still have to pay it back. Or, you are spending money that you don’t have. And then there is the fact that I need to apply for a new passport, as mine expired three years ago.

But Younger Self really wants this. Talking Self does too. Does that mean it is my True Heart’s Desire? Or just my id, wanting, wanting, wanting?